• Genel Bilgi


    We make our doors in monobloc shape not pieces or steel profiles, but as massive, by bending and stranding the whole steel plate in high tonnage (750-900 tons) presses. As an example, we ensure an integrity like a door in the automotive industry, metal bumper, pots etc. We are reinforcing the locks and hinges with 2-3 mm thick reinforcement wefts. In steel construction, we aren't gathering various steel pieces with welding and spot welding, but combined with high tonnage presses and special bending machines, crushing corners of 68-90 mm thick, as a door leaf in order to provide high warping safety and robustness.
    In "Furnished Quartz Series" and "Glass Series" products, main door leaf is of the above specifications, monoblock, the desired furniture is added onto the door. By completing this furniture, with special anodized aluminum, we are giving an aesthetic and durable look.

    Our door frames are 2 mm thick and adjustable frame. As with all our production, dimensioned in cnc machines, it is installed after the necessary holes are opened. In our door frames, 4 types of manufacture are available.
    a) Standard static coating application,
    b) Tuana series, the front view is of the same feature with the door, laminated and disassembly application.
    c) Wooden door frame application on static coating frame,
    d) Coating the inner part of Quartz series door frame with decorative aluminum frame

    The accessory completing the door, lock, strike plate, adjustable pawl, the hard lock pins are carefully selected and implemented. Especially the strike plate, adjustable pawl and cover have an aesthetic appearance, provide a great convenience in use and assembly.

    Except our "Monoblock Series", internal and external door handles are stainless. The door armor is covered with inox steel.