• General Information

    "Grand Door" a steel door is made with the state certificate of TSE. (TS 12655 / April 2000 1 CLASS)

    The qualitative steel material "Eregli" of CRS6112 (Al) is used.

    The cloth of a door is made from a monolithic steel plate. Which under a special hydraulic press (700-900 tons) the monoblock turns into a door. Thus, the door cloth (30 tons a surface, 5 tons on a bend) maintains high durability. In the field of loops and the lock is established strengthen profiles by thickness 2mm.

    Cavities of a door are filled with polyurethane and is pressed under weight in 300 tons and so we receive a door cloth this polyurethane gives to door solidity and durability to its surface which maintains weight loadings to 40 tons. Also this material provides good noise and thermal insulation. Also this material keeps the steel from corrosion.

    Our door boxes have thickness of 2 mm and can be adjusted that allows to establish them within the walls of various thickness.

    10-12cm in length and 20 mm thickness the hinges installed "Allen". On special system 60 mm of a loop are used.

    Around our door "EPDM" laying which provides heat and noise-isolation is established. Besides, the door threshold (below) also contains additional isolation with special sealing system.

    Standard thickness of our metal door shutters is 7 cm, and with furniture 9 cm. Standard size of our door; the door frame of 103 cm in width, 208sm in length. the door shutter on 89sm in width, in height 198sm. (Non-standard production can be to order). Thickness of a wall is suitable for standard boxes to the 15-25th.

  • Protection Of Surface

    Before steel material becomes a door shutter, steel has to pass 5-staged processing (80 degrees degreasing, 6O of degrees of a phosphatic covering and the chemical substances pasifasion) and washing.

    In the Royal series our doors are covered with decorative foil.

    The door shutter is painted with electrostatic paint. On wet paint of drawing decorative patterns adds a type of wooden texture, without wood material. Increases bigger resistance to emergence of scratches with the last layer polyurethane varnish.

    Doorframes are covered with electrostatic paint 200-220-C.

  • Accessories

    Our doors conform to the standards of "EU" in the warmed steel reservation used against theft.

    At all our accessories certificate of "TSE" 1st class.

    The used Monoblock Lock system is certified "ISO9001" and a guarantee for 5 years.

    On the party of loops fixed from three parties the central fixed lock is used.

    By the special order the chip of the card or blocking of a door are used system.

    Fabric satin an accessory are used as addition.

    Placed on an external surface "The module of door which is built in by the fingerprint scanner 500 DPI" the sensor works with the optical reader. This device can keep in memory in total 1900 fingerprints, the algorithm of fingerprints was awarded around the world. Highly effective new training of fingerprints and process of recognition less than in 1 second of the module, to other module is difficult to track fingerprints for example, children's fingers, ladies’s fingers and fingers of elderly people.