Our company "Grand Door" making qualitative doors is leading company in Turkey. Our production meets all ecological requirements of the present. We see ecology as a valuable treasure, and performance of environmental standards we perceive as the best way to protect the future for the mankind benefit around the world.

    Our company constantly works on improvement of ecological level to minimize waste, to prevent pollution of sources and to reduce negative impact on environment and also to define the risks connected with extraordinary ecological situations and to reduce them. Carrying out safety rules, we watch health protection and prevention of negative consequences which can affect environment.

    Exactly thanks to it now we can say that our policy already now surpasses requirements of the ecological legislation. Environment protection is one of the principles of our activity. So, we embody the program 14001 ISO in the activity.

    Our main objective is connected with important ecological factors: pollution of air and water, reduction of leaks and noise. We overwork and we reuse waste, we develop methods of preservation of such natural resources, as water and energy. All this allows us to say that our company conducts quite successful environmental policy.